OP Solutions develops video compression technology with its research partner Florida Atlantic University 

Efficient video compression is critical to streaming media, and streaming media is a critical feature of virtually all devices with screens or cameras sold in the world these days.  As more of these devices are sold each year, as the resolution and quality of streamed media continues to improve, and as entire new streaming segments arise, such as autonomous vehicles and telemedicine, the world’s demands for improved video compression continue to mount.


Recognizing this, Rob Moore founded OP Solutions in 2017 to make sure that upcoming video compression standards benefitted from university expertise.  The following year, OPS began its collaboration with Florida Atlantic University.  OPS sponsors the research of FAU professors and renowned experts in video compression Drs. Borko Furht and Hari Kalva, as well as their students, and their participation in standard-setting. So far, the collaboration has covered participation in standard-setting for Versatile Video Coding (VVC, also known as H.266, ISO/IEC 23090-3, and MPEG-I Part 3), finalized in 2020, and upcoming standards Video Coding for Machines (VCM) and Green Supplemental Enhancement Information (Green SEI).


OP Solutions is a founding member of the Media Coding Industry Forum, an organization directed to helping the participants in VVC standardization and VVC’s likely implementers find common ground on licensing of patents implicated by the standard.  OPS is also a founding member of the Access Advance VVC patent pool.  OPS’s development today focuses on VCM and related technology.