Robert J. L. Moore

Founder, President

Robert Moore is the founder and president of OP Solutions. A patent attorney and computer engineer, Rob focuses on improving ubiquitous standards, like video codecs, by supporting participation in standard-setting by experts, often university-affiliated, who the process would otherwise exclude.

Timothy J. Berghuis

Licensing & Development Advisor

Timothy J. Berghuis is the licensing and development advisor for OPS. Before joining OPS, Tim was the Chief Licensing Officer for InterDigital Corp., a publicly-traded company that meaningfully participates in standard-setting for various key standards, such as cellular and video codecs.  

Dr. Hari Kalva


Hari Kalva is a professor and Director of Multimedia Lab at FAU. A participant in standard-setting for the past 25 years of video codecs, his research focuses on audio-visual compression and communications standards.

Kenneth Rubenstein

Technical Advisor

Kenneth Rubenstein is the technical advisor for OPS.  While a practicing attorney, Ken was the leader of the intellectual property group at Proskauer Rose LLP.  In that capacity, he oversaw the administration of several generations of video codec patent pools.

Dr. Borivoje Furht


Borko Furht is a professor at Florida Atlantic University His research focuses on multimedia systems, video coding and compression. He has published more than 40 books, 300 papers, and 60 patents and patent applications in this area.

Dr. Velibor Adzic


Velibor Adzic is Director of Product Development at Videopura LLC, which is bringing to market video compression technology. He is a named inventor of more than 10 patents in the field of video compression.