Access Advance Announces the Initial Group of VVC/H.266 Video Patent Pool Licensors

Twenty-Eight (28) Patent Owners Became Licensors

BOSTON – (January 11, 2022) – Access Advance today announced that twenty-eight (28) companies, which together are estimated to account for a substantial percentage of the expected VVC standard essential patent (“SEP”) landscape, have joined as Licensors of the VVC Advance Patent Pool. VVC (“Versatile Video Coding”) is the next generation video codec standard finalized less than eighteen (18) months ago, which provides significant improvements in video compression of up to 50% over HEVC, enabling a new generation of products, ever more beautiful video, faster downloads, lower latency, and improved savings on storage. The list of VVC Advance Licensors includes the following...

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FAU Video Tech Inventions Acquired by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

A novel, patent-pending video compression technology developed by researchers from Florida Atlantic University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science was recently acquired by Japanese industry giant Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. 

From YouTube to Netflix to Zoom, video compression technology is critical for streaming video applications to generate high-quality video. Video compression reduces the video file size to enable transmission with no discernible loss of quality and also is instrumental for other video platforms such as telemedicine, drones and autonomous vehicles...

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